Mobile Apps

Generate More Leads!

It’s happened to every home buyer, they see a for sale sign, ad in the newspaper or magazine and want more information about a property but the agent doesn’t answer the call when they want an immediate response. What happens? They call the next agent they see or heard about and that hot lead is now gone and another potential client is lost.


  • Mobile Task Manager
  • Personal Calendar
  • Access Client Info.
  • Accept/Reject Contact Assignments
  • Add Clients to efarming campaigns
  • MLS IDX Map Search
  • Featured Properties
  • Home Values



What if you could get the immediate answers to that prospect, let them schedule a showing without you dropping everything you’re doing and capture that leads contact information for your follow up call than build that relationship?

How about if you place that QR Code on all of your advertizing and that potential client goes directly to your “mobile website” and they can now get information about every home in the neighborhood including yours but branded with only your contact information?….Think they may want to keep that technology on their mobile device to continue looking for new properties?

  • Ask Zillow,, Trulia and others how many downloads they’re getting every day from prospective buyers using their Mobile App to search for properties from their Smartphone’s…..
  • Shouldn’t you be offering that same tool to your area prospects?

Retain More Clients!

Never miss out on an opportunity again, keep your business card in your clients pocket and on their mobile device which is with them everywhere they go!

  • How many times do you think your active clients and past clients get an opportunity to refer you to someone new…at a baseball game, dance recital, PTA meeting?
  • How many think your past clients are carrying around your old business card on them for when that opportune moment comes up? More than likely slim to none.
  • Now, what do you think would happen if when you started a new relationship with a new client and had them download your mobile app or mobile website right onto their mobile device, never losing or misplacing your contact information again? ….

Separate Yourself from the Pack!

Offer the most Powerful and Unique Marketing Platform to date and WIN every Listing appointment You Take!

  • How would it feel to sit down at a listing appointment and tell that seller that they can go ahead and interview all of the agents that they want because you can bring more to the table then anyone of your competitors, because you offer the most state of the art marketing platform they will ever have? Advertizing their home where the buyers are shopping, from their mobile device!
  • You will be able to offer them a unique and custom mobile landing page just for their property and when buyers are driving through neighborhoods looking for home who’s property will they be able to see from their Smartphone? Theirs!
  • Dominate your competitors at Listing appointments and let them know you are the ahead of the pack with the newest and most effective marketing techniques available. Mobile Marketing!

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