Tips for sharing the news

Tips for sharing the news



Simply hitting “share” or “tweet” is not enough to build your expertise. Here are a few ways to use housing headlines to boost your expertise locally.

 1. Start a local conversation

National headlines and facts can do a great job of garnering attention, but at the end of the day buyers and sellers want to know what’s happening in your market.

Use the national headlines or quotes from some of the shares in this post as an intro for blog post about what’s happening in your market.

2. Share it with your spin

To convince prospects you’re an expert they need to hear from you.  When your sharing these facts, stats, and helpful tips make sure you add your own commentary on the news you’re re-sharing.

3. Send it in your follow-up

Your ads, social shares, and any of your other marketing tools are pointless if there’s no substance in your follow-up.

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