Get Leads Today from your Calls To Action in this guide ! “101 Examples of Calls-To-Action”

My friends at more specifically Magdalena Georgieva one of their inbound marketing managers at HubSpot, responsible for the company’s marketing content offers, such as ebooks and webinars have come up with an awesome Call To Action campaign called “101 Examples of Calls-To-Action”. I wish to thank them and share with you these incredible insights to drive more traffic to your business. Using these simple idea’s you will in no time at all have consumers at your door…

This week we will explore chapter 1, Calls-to-Action using Contrast Colors: I especially like this CTA because it reminds us of how important it is to use color to differentiate our graphics. Simple use of dark and light can make all the difference in the world on how effective an CTA will be. Try some of these for yourself in your next ad campaign or blog post or even Facebook post. If you are really adventurous and wish to read Hubspot’s full ebook it can be found here.

Here is a brief look at their first Chapter & examples:

“Use contrasting colors but make sure they still fit in with your general website color scheme.”

Let’s start by exploring how companies use contrast to create effective calls-to-action. As a reminder, contrast is one of the most powerful graphical techniques you can apply to calls-to-action. The fastest way to grab someone’s attention is by making your CTA stand out from the rest of the page and making it dominant. You can achieve that by picking a color for your button (or hyperlinked text) that contrasts the background. What colors should you use to make your call-to-action stand out? Some marketers argue that red can increase click-through rates significantly. Others explain that the context of the web page should dictate the color. So stay mindful of your overall website design. While you want to keep the colors contrasting, make sure all of them fit in with your general website color scheme and avoid using patterns.

Example 1


Example 2



Example 4


Example 5



These are just a few of the 101 idea’s and sample images offered at and their ebook Let us know what you think works best for you and if you have some idea’s on how to effectively use Calls-to-Action. Next week we will dive into Chapter 2: “Calls-to-Action Presenting an Incentive”

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